COVID-19 the (game)changer

Dear beautiful souls,

After one or two months being in lockdown we have all realised that our life has changed. It changed a lot, all our relationships, emotions got inside out, we have said goodbye to our old good life.
So what's next? 
Everything will be normal again after the lockdown is over? 
Please, do not get back to your old life! 
Be better, be the change. 
I put a list together which is based on my own personal and work experiences.

1. Be smarter - the way you lived your life before wasn't the best, you should admit that. We all have to. It doesn't matter if you have got new certificates (it's nice if you have something like this) or focused on how to be not so tired all the time, all that matters that you can try to be a little better. This includes hygieny, the climate change, the slow life, the meditation, the capitalism, recycling- anything if you can be a little better than you were before, then be the change in the world!
2. Appreciate your people - if anything, this pandemic showed the true personality of everything you know. Also the importance of physical interaction is much more rated than before.

3. Switch off - you need to stop punishing yourself. Don't be a d*ck to yourself, sometimes it's okay if you don't do what you wanted to do.

4. Start now - you don't need dates to begin something. Yes, tomorrow is always an option, but if you want something, you do it now! You want to do the split or that handstand, start practicing stretching for 5 minutes. You want to start your own business? Get your thoughts on paper, it doesn't matter if you just sketch a logo, or start your business plan but take action.

5. Nature is the answer - if we have learnt something in these couple of weeks, hell yes, nature is the most underrated thing. Go for a walk, and look for the details, check the flowers, check your environment, the roofs, the statues, how clean is the water.

6. Sing - oh yes, to hear your own voice, makes you feel happier. If you are afraid of the future sing cute happy songs, if you had a hard days Lewis Capaldi or Beatles, find your song and sing a little bit.

7. Series, podcasts, lives on Instagram - let other peoples thoughts in your head, let them take you on adventures. One of my favorite poets started to read poems twice a week - saves me everytime. My yoga instructors having lives everyday, see the opportunities to create, to grow.

8. Organize, read, select - books, clothes, beauty products anything you want. Always just one step, don't pressure yourself, if you feel just fold your shirts, other day organize your bookshelf - and if you don't feel like it, then don't do it. 

9. Think big -  you will have so many ideas, so many dreams, write them down - use them later.

10. Don't think that corona is stealing your time, you won't have these month again. COVID-19 is not stealing your time, it's changing your life. Adapt to it, embrace it, feel it, cry about it, let your emotions live - you won't have this months again. Live!

+1. Social media tip: people are having a lot of time on social media. Create content, engage with them, search new tools, new platforms. Reach is higher than it was, engagement is more than in the beginning of 2020. Reinvent yourself if you have to, check your business plans, check your life plan, check your social media plan! Be present!

With love from B ♥


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