I know what you did!

Hey there lovely souls,

my last post was about my November goals, so let's see what happened since that article.

  • Write to do lists - I write lists sometimes
  • Track your spendings - did only for one month, but usually it's about the same amount
  • Don't drink sparkling waters / cola - thinks like that - need to work on that
  • Don't eat junk food or chips - maximum once a week - fine with that!
  • Cook more - healthy food! - on the way
  • Go every week to some cultural events -  theatre, movies, museums, talks - kinda okay with that
  • Don't drink too much alcohol - works okay nowadays
  • Don't run after people - be alone if you need to for this two months - well I suck at this one
  • Go to a yoga/dance/aerobic class - get out from your comfort zone!! - at least exersice at home - Yoga!
  • Draw - failed
  • Write your ideas down - failed
  • Don't let your blog and magazine down - failed
  • And read at least 3 books this month - well less than that, but okay.

I feel like this list is still an ultimate to do list for me, so hey, still working on these ones!
And I also added some points to this list:
  • Travel more - absolutely on the way, 3 months - 3 countries
  • Be kinder
  • Help people
  • Practice languages, cause you gonna be stupid if you don't
  • Find a new job - trying to fall in love with work again
  • Don't forget this: If we can't grow together, we must grow apart.
Do you have an ultimate to do list? Share your goals!

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥


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