Drink it up!

 Hi my darlings,

hope you are all doing well.
It's been a long time since I wrote anything about food or drinks. 
So here we are.
When you have any relatives who are under 3 years old, you know, that you are careful what they eat and drink.
You taste everything first, and sometimes, you like it as much as they do, and sometimes more. :)
And sometimes, well you are the one who needs a glass of juicy water.

Let me introduce you the Nurture Fruity Water.
Just still water blended with delicious fruit juice and goodness. 
Enriched with 7 different vitamins, calcium, zinc and Wellmune Beta Glucans, Nurture Fruity Water supports children’s immunity, growing bones and teeth.  

It helps to live an adventurous life for the little ones, and it's so delicious, that everyone will love it.
There is two flavours: tropical flavour of Orange & Pineapple and the refreshing taste of Cherry & Strawberry.

 I absolutely love their site and how they have their little elephant, Firsty.
Check them out here and thell me what you think about the drinks.
Have you or your relatives tried Nurture before?

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥


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