Tea & Cheese Tasting

Hi everyone,

Once upon a time, there was a day when I made my tea "wrong" I wondered, why the taste was so strange, then I realised I forgot to put sugar in it, since that day I drink my tea without sugar. 
The only way I like it sweet when my dad makes it. He can make the best tea actually.
  This is a fact (for me)
London changed many things in my life. One thing is for sure my relationship with tea. I feel like we are getting more emotional with every day. Working in a place where is everything about tea is pretty nice and interesting. 
I never thought I would ever attend a Tea & Cheese Tasting. But as the wise people saying, never say never.

1.: Kyle and Robbyn, our hosts 2.: Trinity Buoy Wharf is magical 3.: Cheese!

The days were running after each other and the calendar showed the 8th October.
You know that people are loving the pairing of cheese and wine, but if it's tea and cheese? Some people may think you just gone crazy. But you just need to try it.
I never was a cheese person, I like it, but I never got excited about it.
If I can be honest (surely I can be more than honest here) it was surprisingly a taste sensation.
I never felt flavors so intense, it was a strange and great experience.

There were 6 pairing as you can see on the picture as well. 

  1. Green tea with Tripple cream - in other words, my favourite pairing. It was more than nice, the cheese melted like the tea and the cheese danced in your mouth.
  2. Hojicha (Japanese tea) with Brie de Meaux - After the first pairing, you just don't ask anything, you try to reach your maximum capacity of your taste buds. And you actually kind of doing 'mmmm' sounds every seconds.
  3. Oolong with Morbie 
  4. Oolong with Taleggio - the third and fourth cheese goes with the same tea (taste is already different). You can feel the difference. If I need to choose then the Taleggio is more likely for me.
  5. Assam with Compte - Alpine herbs and flavours. Assam is a very intense tea, and this is my reason to not to like this pairing so much. Probably I need to make a step forward, grow up, and starting a new friendship with Assam.... who knows.
  6. Finally Jasmine pearls with Gorgonzola Picante - such an interesting pairing. This tea is magical! I'm not kidding it's like you drinking flowers. Usually I like it and the other times I feel like it's too much. So intense.  
If you think you will be not full after this event, you are just so wrong. I felt like I ate so much, that I needed to rest a little, when I got home :D
You can find many useful information about tea at the Tea Studio website.
Playing around with cups, tea and cheese

Did you ever attended an event like this?
Would you try it?
 Leave me your thoughts and visit the Tea Studio for more events like this.

With love from Fashion Lights ♥
Take care!


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