Mirror, mirror on the wall

 Hey lovelies!

I'm so excited because my holiday will come tomorrow, so hopefully it will be fun and sunny.
Today I will show you mysterious things, mirrors!

"A mirror is the centerpiece and most important aspect of a vanity. Outside of your top beauty must-haves and organization methods, a vanity mirror showcases your flair and can make getting ready for your day a breeze!"

Whenever I go I always have a little mirror in my bag. I think they are must have for every girls and boys. A mirror can make your day better, and it can give you confidence, so it's important to choose a nice one. You can find some unique pieces here.
I made two collages, the first one is inspired by a great party at home with your friends, flowers, nice drinks, a pillow what reminds you to live your life with no regrets and happiness. And when it's already dark there are lanterns to make your home a better place.
The second one is inspired by a perfect date. Perfect dress, a lipstick what matches to the dress. A table what looks like books, and some cute pillows.

What do you think about mirrors? How can a mirror influence your life?

Have a nice weekend!

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

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1.,2., 3., 4.,5., 6., 7., 8.


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