The Great Gatsby

Beautiful day for my beauties!

I saw yesterday The Great Gatsby…I'm literally in love with Leo, he is such a good actor…
you know, I can’t describe, how I felt, when I watched.. people are so insensitive and assholes :D
I mean… I watched, and I was in an another world. when you saw a good movie, or read a book, you know what I mean… I was there… I was with Gatsby. I was there when he said, he made all things for Daisy… and I was there when he died., I don’t cried, but it was a really sad moment… and so cold… somewhere I read, that: how can be such an amazing film turned so cold… and yeah.. I felt so.. how can someone so in love with somebody? how? everything for her… ohh god. he was so naiv, and so clever… but he was like a crazy men cause love… and Daisy? yeah, she made what she wanted?!… she killed someone…. but she ‘loved’ her husband… so she just 'runaway'…
I know, this movie is not just like that….it so much deeper…. but I won’t write it…you know it’s always complicated, yeah… heart has always hope.. maybe that’s the problem… but without hope we can’t live.
old sport

maybe the 1920s will be my new inspiration!?
what do you think of it?
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