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How to deal with depression?

Dear beautiful souls,
It took me a couple of sleepless night to write this, because I struggle a lot lately.
But also wanted to look into the details what we can do to deal with depression and put ourselves on the road of recovery - because maybe someone needs to read this and maybe I'll be able to help myself this way.

Cause sometimes you're not strong enough to ask for help, not strong enough to reach out to your friends, and all you wanna do is to be silent, then scream and cry under your blanket for days. I cry a lot lately and I feel that something changed, not emotionally, but physically. There is chronic pain all day, there is migraine and dizziness. There is no hope, there are no words to help. I got to the point where work is a daily struggle. To be there, to hear my workmates, to work with them, to be around them. I want to be alone and in the same time I'm so afraid of being alone. The future is not bright, it's dark and cold, no humanity, no hope. I hate mysel…

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