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The story of my year

Hello beautiful souls,
as the year is ending, - like a lot of you - I also feel like I need to review my year. It's like almost a tradition for me to check my best nine, so I can see my most memorable moments. This year was a real roller coaster. Sometimes I felt like I'm at the top of everything and other times I was so depressed I couldn't even leave the house.
I lost someone.
People, that I defined as friends - left me. My heart was broken two times this year. I have no idea how, but I managed to survive the crying days, the panic attacks - and you. I was so miserable of a heartbreak, that I couldn't eat for days, I throw up for a whole day and I almost burned down my hair. I realised the worst thing you can say to someone is that you never want to see them again. I had the worst migraines. The last one lasted for two days - ended the last day of 2018 (what a strange way to end the year). Unfortunately from this year I'm unable to take any medicin - I would s…

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