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Hello beautiful souls,

Sadly our yearly earthly allowance of natural resources has already been used up by Monday 29 July so I really would like to do everything in my power to change my and other peoples behavior and be more greener and #zerowaste.

So this post kinda supports this goal - it's about a paperless - so zero waste invitation site. There is so many opportunity to invite people over but also it's even nice for just a Sunday chill. Paperless Post gives you the chance to search for any occasions and create a card for them - you can choose from any designs and also you can customize it.
After you sign up and set up an account you can choose the design of your card or flyer (animated with GIFS :)).
The website is very well sturctured so you can easily navigate but if you get lost you can write to the  support team to help you. Btw: Do not use right click on the site because only pictures will be opened that way and not the designs. 

I created one birthday card so I can show you how it works. I chose one from this link. After clicking on the picture you can choose the button: Customize. You kind of find yourself at an editing page. You can edit the card and also the envelope and the background - you can even put there stamp and postmark. After customizing everything you can enter your details example the place, the date or if your guest can bring any more guests with them to the event. After you finished with the details you can invite your guests writing their name and email address down - you can also put some personal messages in the note section. When you are ready to go just click on the send button. On your dashboard you can track your invite and also follow up and message your potential guests. 

As a recipient you will get an email with the name of the event - some details will get showed up here. And also the envelope you've created.

You can click to do view the card button and you can see how the invite pops up from the envelop - it's an animation - if you have chosen some background it would look like this after the animation (see picture below). At this point you can RSVP to the event and also let the host know if you're bringing a +1 with you or not.

Did you ever tried a website like this? What do you think of it?
I find it kinda cool and also unique, makes the occasions more special so don't forget to sign up for your new invite methods with Paperless Post.
Show me what you've created and use the #abfashionlights on Twitter or Instagram to get a retweet or regram in a story.

With love from B ♥


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