Weapon of temptation

Hello beautiful souls,

art plays a really important role in my life, I think there is no better way to express yourself than creating something magical.
I visited an exhibition yesterday and I would like to show you my favourites.

Weapon of temptation - Fashion, style in a hundred years of Hungarian painting

Weapon of temptation is the first exhibition in Hungary that presents the relationship between fashion, clothing and fine art through outstanding painters works. 100-year history of fashion, elegance, style and beauty.

The paintings reveal how the elegant queens, the world-famous women of the turn of the century, the rebellious, adventurous, driving and smoking young ladies of the jazz era and the young people who, from the 80s and 80s, re-discovered the beauty of the fashion coming from the West dressed. In a separate room, we can learn how they used the clothes for the power of politics.

Who is your favorite painter? Did you visit any exhibitions lately?

With love from B ♥


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