"ARC" Exhibition

Hello beautiful souls,

there is an exhibition in Hungary annually and it has a theme every year. 
It's called ARC - which means face. 
It's an open competition where anyone can send their billboard ideas 
- visual solutions - pictures, texts.
This year the theme was unfake. 
It's all about the lies and true stories in the world.
 How we realize what people are telling us are facts or fake news. 
Considering the situation in Hungary many billboards were about the actual political factors, refugee situation  - both domestically and abroad.
And also all about the social media influence to the humanity nowadays.
So here are my favourites.
 You can find the translation above the pictures if the sentences are in hungarian.
Do you have some similar exhibitions in your country?
Which is your favourite BB?

With love from B ♥

"Mi a faszom?" - "What the fuck?"

Donald Trump billboard

"Azért ülök egyedül házibulikban, mert én vagyok egyedül true arc. :(" - "I sit alone at house parties, cause I'm the only true face there. :("

"Love - lóvé" - "Love is actually the english word for love and lóvé is a slang for money (reflecting to gold diggers)" 

Just a selfie billboard - shame on me, for making fun of it.


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