13 Reasons Why

Hey beautiful people,

I wanted so badly to write my feelings down after I saw the whole season of 13 Reasons Why, but I'm stuck again, stuck in my head. I started this post already like tausend times and it seems that I can't find the right words.
Even if I write 2 sentences down, I just delete them after a moment of silence.
Words were my friends, I found myself safe in them, I felt secure with them, but now all I can feel is insecurity, the right words are fading away and they seem so far away from me.
Everything seems complex in my head, but in the moment I start to write I'm falling apart.
I thought about this book a lot, I started to think that I have more than 13 people in my life, who made me feel miserable.
Without any hesitation I could say that these people are enough reason to end my life.
But you know what I felt in the end, that this girl was so alone, and she doesn't wanted to die.
And honestly I don't wanna die either.
I have no idea if I will figure out myself/life or not, but one thing is sure I was never brave enough to end my life.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥