Happy Halloween!

Hello amazing souls,

hope you are all very well.
Halloween is just around the corner, I mean there is only 4 days left.... 4!
What will you do this spooky day?
I had a really quick poll about your plans on my Twitter, and you vote for dress up parties and Netflix!
C'mon get some candy, and have some fun.
You know already what should you be for Halloween?
Which is your favourite Halloween candy?

If you have no idea what to wear on that special day, I've collected you some amazing pieces from SammyDress.
Not all are costumes, but maybe they will give you some inspiration for a nice night out.
As a mermaid lover I couldn't resist to pick the mermaid costume, I mean look how pretty it is, also the purple dress looks so elegant and sexy. 
The lion t-shirt is just amazingly wild and those jumpers are perfect for any colder days.

As usual I put all the links above.
Enjoy the rest of October and Happy Halloween my dears!


Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥


  1. Cute! Love these ideas!

    Allie / https://alliesfashionalley.com/2016/10/olive-suede-with-skechers/

  2. Oh wow these are all so cute! I love these ideas so much :)

  3. Hi dear
    Great selection, love the skeleton sweater


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