Thursday, October 20, 2016

16 things I miss about living in London

Hi my lovelies,

as you can see the title this post will be a little bit personal.
Moving to London was one of the best choices I made, leaving it was so hard, but for my own growth and health I needed to make that decision.

There are days when I really miss being there, so I thought I'll share a couple of things that I miss the most,  obviously not in the most serious ways.

1. Mentality - Be whoever you want to be, no one cares - everyone is freaking out, when they have to talk to somebody on the tube, you remember those tube chat buttons?
2. Complain culture - Really, what I learned first, that you need to have an opinion, and you need to make your voice heard. :D

3. Being careless about the red traffic lights - like one of the first people I saw crossing the streets by red traffic lights were police officers :DDD - no need to comment here.
4. Buses - I mean they look so great, but not the favourite public transport, not to mention how many different kind of people were on the buses.
5. Maps in the city - That's actually crap in the country, where I live right now. I loved that you saw maps almost at every stops/stations.
6. Oyster card - I can't believe, but I almost miss TFL, I mean I complained about it all the time, but c'mon I miss those cards, yes cards, I had like three. :DD
7. Trees and sunsets - Yeah, it's basically the same here, but not at all, I just miss them. Magnolias...

8. Houses - Everything looks the freaking same. Could you miss that? Possible not, but those houses are still on my mind.
9. Donuts - I ate so many there, ooooh and Halloween candy. :( Poor me, someone please send me a nice care pack.
10. Prices - Literally I'm freaking out here, I mean how could be everyhing cheaper on the island?
11. Primark - I don't need to write anything here. Send me clothes as well.
12. Events - Obviously everything was so amazing there, store events, fashion events, public events, blogger events. EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD. Take me back.
13. Volunteering - Miss the Team London team. :(
14. Free - Museums and free entries for cultural places, miss you Van Gogh.

15. Books - for free, there is no complain about that.
16. Free cash withdrawals - Yes, that was great, anytime from any ATM.

London, I truly miss your beautiful soul, but also I'm glad to get out from your madness.
You're one of the craziest. ;)
Hope to see you again in the future.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥


  1. We all have our own ideas of how many people are actually jumping red lights. The reality is, we can’t trust our anecdotal evidence. After all, a most of us waiting patiently at a traffic light isn’t noteworthy to us, so it hardly registers. Whereas a someone jumping a red light will definitely attract our attention.

  2. I am still living in London but I would totally identify with some of the things you miss about this city if I ever leave. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

  3. Just came back from a visit to London. I'm with you. I love the free museums, playing real life Frogger with the traffic, and I wish the USA would get with VAT already. I hate having to guesstimate what my total will be with USA taxes.