Sammydress review

Hi beautiful souls,

hope you are all fine even if the world seems scary these days.
Try to love your loved ones more and try to enjoy the life more because it's so short.
Put on some good music and dance the pain away - at least that's what I will do for a couple of days at a festival.
And one other reason to be happy - online shopping hauls, so in this post let me show you the goodies from Sammydress. Check out their Facebook sites here, or here and their Instagram for some inspiration.

Overall I'm very satisfied with every item, the shipping was so fast I was literally not even thought in my life that I'll get everything in 4 days with DHL. So 10/10.
The customer service was amazing, one of the member contacted me if I received everything nicely, which I did so everyone was happy.
I chose 3 items. If you click on the pictures you see the outfit details better, I linked the items, wrote the sale price and the size I wore. 

My ultimate new obsession is this lace blouse. I was a little afraid how it will look on me, but I'm actually in love with this shirt. I got so many compliments when I wore it in the first time and I realised that I'm playing with the ruffles all the time. Perfect for dance nights.
The quality is really great and love the small details like the button in the back.

Blouse Size: S, $9.20 was $15.80

 My second choice was these pants, simple and comfortable, fits perfectly. I thought I would pair it with high heels and a blazer to make it a little special. Usually I wear it with flat shoes. 
Feels good, looks good perfect for traveling or lazy Sundays.

Pants Size: S, $6.38 was $12.12

The last item is this black romper. On the back there is a zip til the rope belt. The front is like a skort and there is a V- cut part by the breast and has a choker neck part. It looks like a little bit odd by the waist so I need to check like every 5 minutes if it fits right, but actually the whole outfit is lovely. 
I felt so energetic and was very happy how this haul ended.

Romper Size: M, $11.18 was $19.30

What do you think about my Sammydress haul?
If you would like something like these, check out the two piece dresses, waistcoats or bikinis, there are always items which are quiet cheap, so it's not too hard to fall in love with something.
Have you ever bought something from this online store? Would love the hear your thoughts about your experiences.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥


  1. The blouse looks so cute! I love that it's different but it really suits you :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Thank you hun :)
      I was really unsure how it will look on me, but actually it's nice to wear it :)

      Fashion Lights

  2. great outfits! that white top is super pretty xo

  3. I like the first and last outfits the most :) Great job, you're very creative :) xo

  4. It's time to go to the beach.What should I wear?
    This question was troubling me for over 3 weeks until someone bought me a transparent swimsuit.

  5. In the year of 2017. People around me suddenly begin to hang out with cross back dress.I'm feeling curious and suspicion at the moment:"Is this a thing now?"And here's my thoughts after research and the dress that I bought.


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