Colour your world

Hi beauties,

the title, colour your world will lead us to this post: colour your hair.
I guess I was like 10 years old when I had red clips in my hair obviously they were only temporary but after a couple of years I tried permanent colours - red and purple were always my favourite.
After my hair was really exhausted for all the colouring processes I stopped to colour it, but last year I thought I need a change - so I became a redhead again.
And here we are!
Cruelty free cosmetics are my faves - it's good to know that they are not testing animals, that's why I was happy to discover Naturigin at an event in London.

I dyed my hair with the 7.55 which is the deep red.
The package is nice, with a big leaf on the side. Inside the package you find everything you need.
The colour turns out as purple as you see but will be red on your hair.
When you rinse it  the water will turn out pastel red and not dark red.  
I applied the colour already one month ago - see the picture - but I'm pretty impressed about how the colour is on my hair. It's already lighter than it was but still great.

I absolutely loved the smell of the hair colour which probably seems weird, but I love the smell of the dyed hair (anyone else out there who is weirdo like me????)
One package was absolutely enough for my mid-long hair so I'm happy to recommend this brand for you!
Did you ever try Naturigin?
Please share your thoughts, recommendations about cruelty free products in the comment session.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥


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