Be kind

Hello my lovelies!

To be a human today seems a pretty hard job.!.jpg

I realised already in young age that men will earn more than women for the same job. 
Despite that I knew this fact I was more than surprised how is it feels like to be a woman in London.
Definitely not a dream.
You could be already rejected because you are coming from an East-European country, your Bachelor degree is not from an English university - it's basically means nothing here. And because of your age - too young or too old, and you could be rejected because you are a woman.
I said too many times sorry - I was apologising for being me.
I thought - unfortunately I still think sometimes - that it's my fault that men not respecting me.
If they think they can touch you in your workplace or on the bus or tube - I thought I was probably dressed "like that" or looked at them in a flirty way.
It's only me.
Who else can I blame?
Sometimes I'm working on big events and the manager tells everything to my man colleagues... nothing for the ladies... 
I feel like a ghost just because I'm a woman.
Did I asked for it? No.
But I'm here and I need to start respect myself more.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen outside please love yourself more. You don't deserve negative things, you deserve a workplace where your work is honored. You never ever deserve or "ask" with your behaviour/clothes any sexual assault. 
Please, be strong. Be kind. Be human.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥


  1. Sometimes hard work can be done better by the woman. Most of the time it is not about strength anymore. It is organization. Heavy lifting is thing of the past! So dividing job by gender is thing from past which is still present but not that much as before.


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