Smile more, live more

Hi my lovelies,

welcome the second month of the year and the coming Valentine's Day!
I have no words how much I miss my family and friends right now but I've realised I have to make the best out of this year.
I did not make any resolutions but I thought about the fact that you can't chase people and you can't force them to stay in your life if they don't want to. So my lesson for this year is let go!
Smile more, live more!
After I read many of your tweets about Doll White I thought I will give it a try also!

First of all such a nice package. Love it. 
White little box but the products are in black bags. 
Basically you will find (7 day) 7 whitening strips in the box. 
Each packet contains one upper and one lower gel strip. 
Absolutely easy to use.
I won't say that half hour is the most comfortable time of the day but you get to use to it.
After the second day I felt my teeth cleaner, my mouth fresher.

Despite the fact that I think it's a nice product I did not finished the 7 days. You ask why?
I should say my teeth are super sensitive, not just normal sensitive, they are really sensitive.
So I got a little too worry after the fourth day and I stopped.

What do you think about Doll White?
Did you try it already?
If you have done a review about the whitening strips leave your link in the comment section.
Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥


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