Hi everyone,

if you ever wondered how to make someone love you... here is the answer: with fooooooood!
Okay obviously I'm kidding but food helps a lot.
If you get the opportunity to try nice food and amazing cocktails you just can't say no.
Even if your friends cancel your plans in the last minute.... with food and drinks you are gonna survive the night without them. At least in my case.
As you see the title I was lucky enough to attend at the Jamboree Foodfest and Bar - find them on Facebook or Instagram - event on this Wednesday and it was really enjoyable.
First of all the staff was nice! Plus point!
Full of complimentary calamari, fishcakes and falafel. After a couple of pieces I just had to say no for the question if I would like more... it's horrible to say no for food when everything is delicious, I'm telling you. So I tried to get back in the happy mood with beers and cocktails.
It wasn't hard because everything was pretty pleasant.

And the live music was just the icing on the cake, satisfaction and happy faces everywhere.
I wish I could say I loved the desserts as well, but on that night I was at the salty side of the story. 
So I was more than delighted to grab a burger for the road to home - oh, it was so worth it. 
The taste was amazing!

Find the Jamboree Foodfest & Bar on Instagram for more pic like this!

I would like to recommend this place you guys!
Go and give it a try ;)

With love from Fashion Lights ♥
Take care!


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