Straight outta tha 90's

Hi everybody,

I was born in the 90s and sometimes I feel so old, other times just proud to be a 90's babe.
When I need inspiration, I go back to the original sources like Rachel Green! Do you remember her style? It is flawless! Great, clear, and always wearable.

Amazing right? I created a 90's inspired look, hope you will like it as much as I do. I fell in love with this skirt, I'm literally wearing it for days already. I just can't get enough of it. I'm wearing a mini skirt, a simple white vest, black tights and black&white shoes. I made my hair up, and that's it. 

White vest, Mini skirt,  Monochrome shoes,  Glasses

And almost forgot the cutest thing: my new glasses. I tried to look nice, I know I failed, but I still think, these glasses giving you the perfect look ;) What do you think?

White vest, Mini skirt,  Monochrome shoes,  Glasses

I know Monday is almost here, but don't worry, I give you one reason to smile.... The new collection by boohoo.... *drumroll* collaboration with Charli XCX ! - find all information with the hashtag #CharliXCX4Boohoo or just click on it, to see the new collection.
Definitely you need to look forward to it ;)

With love from Fashion Lights ♥
Take care!


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