Smells like Christmas!

Hi everyone,

as you saw my title there is something magical in this post. 
It's just the end of October and I know exactly that we have a fabulous halloween  before us, but I got a little surprise from the Internet gift store last week which I would like to share with you. Maybe this will be your perfect gift for someone you love, who knows...
Christmas can mean many thing but for most of the people it means love, family, presents, lights, cakes...
And there is no christmas without the childish excitement of opening the advent calendar.

After you entering the world of adulthood, you kind of feel you have no right to do it anymore.
BUT of course you can find joy in opening windows to have a little surprise for you every day of the last month of the year.
That's what makes it magical. Waiting for something special, when you are thankful for the little surprises everyday.
I wish I could just give you my gift to smell it. Because the Yankee candles are smelling heavenly. There are no words to describe it. As pretty is the whole package as freshly the smell is.
I wanted to make a special inside look for you, but I just don't wanted to open it. It just felt wrong. So forgive me my little excitement for December.... but I can't wait to see my beauties in the box.
At least but not last some information about this cute box you can find it under the name of Yankee Candle Advent Carousel, there are tea lights and votives behind the windows. And the heavenly smelling fragrances? Here you go: Berry Trifle, Bundle Up, Christmas Cookie and Cinnamon Stick, Red Apple Wreath, Candy Cane Lane, Angels Wings, and Snow in Love.
Goooooosh, my December will be so great ;)

With love from Fashion Lights ♥
Take care!


  1. This is amazing and I can confirm that berry trifle smells incredible, I bought the wax tart last week.
    I always buy an advent calendar yearly, it just doesn't feel like Xmas without the new scents.
    Christmas memories is my all time fave though :)
    How pretty is the box it comes in too.

    x x x x

    Confessions Of A Small Town Girl.

  2. This looks so exciting, I love the idea of lighting one every day before Christmas! xD I'd probably want to save some and burn them all winter long! Lovely post :D xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow

    1. Haha, yes. And my whole room smells like christmas candles - without opening anything yet :)

  3. I totally enjoyed this post! Have a nice weekend! :)


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