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Hey beauties,

once upon a time someone said that fashion fades, style is eternal.
I think this is so true.
One of the best feelings are, when someone says, that they thought about you, when they saw something, like a dress, a pattern or a flower. I think your personality, your style is a very important thing... when you can do anything what you want, but in your own way.
What kind of person are you? and am I? One of the biggest question in the world... how could you describe yourself?
I guess that only person I can really trust, who is always on my side is me... so I have to be strong with power, but sometimes I'm weak, other times I should be wiser then I was, or more romantic, or a less emotional... ect. so everything.
Sometimes I look at old photos and laugh so hard, how I have been dressing, but sometimes I'm really proud about myself, I had my own little world.
When I moved, my world changed a lot, I found myself, and bought dresses... and I felt like a woman, and that was a good feeling.
I have a perception, what I want to become.... and I know fashion changes and my taste changes too, but it's ok, cause everything changes, and so can be the world better.
I love the little details, like a ring or a bracelet, they could make you feel better. 
So here is two collage about my style, or better to say, what I like.

*I made this post for the Brilliant Earth’s Personality Style Challenge.
"Our goal at Brilliant Earth is to make jewelry as beautiful as it can be. We are passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry."
You can find the ring, the earrings, the necklace and the other necklace at their site.
If you look at their website you can see many stunning engagement rings, I think it's too much beauty on the site :D So maybe someone want to give me a ring like this for free... with love? :))))*

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

glamorous/elegant style
blue jeans & tee shirt
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  1. nice items!
    2 international giveaways on my blog

  2. great post!

  3. Great post, love the collages xx


  4. Love that hat!


  5. I love your post,kisses.

  6. Heyyyy you have a veryy lovely blog, it would be a pleasure to stay in touch with ya!
    Lets follow each other, on gfc, g+, FB? Do let me know will follow ya right back!

  7. fantastic blue shoes<3
    invite for
    if you'd like it, follow me;)

  8. I am loving the skirt. I really get what you mean when you say it feels good for someone to see something and think of you. It shows you have an established look that you are known for. Cool post

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I'm glad that you know, what I meanwith it :))

  9. fantastic t-shirt! great choices!

  10. Great outfits--love the glamorous style! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  11. Awesome outfit collage inspiration! I always am down for hats so I applaud that combination for sure :P I love that YSL quote, it's one of my favs in regard to style! Also, I feel so honoured when people say that they saw a clothing item or pattern that reminds them of me too! For instance, a coworker of mine say a leopard print pair of jeans at H&M and took a picture for me because it reminded her of me!

    xx Debbie

    1. I love reading comment like this, I really appreciate it :) I have to say, that looks like your coworker knows you, right? :))) I think that's so sweet :)
      Thank you<3

  12. Love this post.... The shoes is beautiful...
    Do you want to see my last post?
    Leather pants by MSGM

  13. I love your sets and your background is breathetaking.

  14. I love the second set, it's incredible! :)

  15. The items you picked are really cute :)

  16. Great selection honey!!!

    Alicia & SofĂ­a


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