Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Hello beautiful souls,

hope you are doing okay.
Today I wanna share my latest poem with you.
Would you be interested, if I would post some of my poems and novels here? 
Photo credit is to my mom! 💕

She was the wilted sunflower in the field,
She was the broken hearted soul.
She was the smile on his face.
She was the tear in her eyes.
She was the one who never believed she could.
She was the one who always looked at the ground.
She was the one who realized she could be everything.
She could be the prettiest sunflower, 
brighter than the sun, even for just a second;
She could be the sun.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Museum Ootd

Hello beautiful souls,

hope you are doing okay.
Today I brought you an unexpected outfit post :D I hope you don't mind if I put here some pictures of me, which were taken after I came back from Croatia. We visited the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Let me say it's really nice, but it was raining all day, so we were soaked to the skin and shaking with cold. At least I did one great photo, hope you like it.

And now back to the ootd. All black, like always. Midi skirt, bib earrings and black leather jackets with white and grey sport shoes.

I wore this outfit visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, where they opened a new hall (they did the reconstruction after more than a decade), the Romanesque Hall - it was free for a couple of days - which is basically really rare in Hungary :D
So here is my face expression to the beauty of architecture.

And finally some geometric games on a black and white pic, because by the museum there are the greatest columns, look at the background I have there.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Amsterdam diary

Dear Readers,

I've no idea, when was the last time I called you readers (maybe never?) but that shows how everything is changing here.

This year bought already many good and bad things in my life, but the most important thing is my travel bucketlist. Yes, as the year started I wrote down my dream destinations - you can check my last post about my goals here
12 countries is the dream... okay 12 different cities - I would not be that sad if some of them would be in the same country. So far I visited Venice in Italy, Amsterdam in Netherlands and will visit Croatia in the end of March.
So let's see a little article my Amsterdam experience. 

  • With what did I travel, where did I stay?
As a countryside girl I'm not afraid of hostels and cheap solutions, so I went almost with the cheapest ones. I travelled with Flixbus - almost a day bus time there but was actually almost enjoyable and I stayed in a hostel called Princess at the Overtoom street. If you are a queen or king of cleaning, please don't go there . The room I stayed was okay and I had luck with my 3 roommates, the receptionist guy was also nice and helpful, it's definitely okay when you just going to sleep there

  • What I like to do in a new city?
Getting lost, seriously, as soon I left the bus I got lost, I basically planned it, so no freak out time, I walked on streets where was noone outside - no sign of any tourists - that's how you get to know a city. 

  • Did I use public transport?
Walking is the cheapest and nicest way to explore. I did not use any public transport - I was like 30 minutes walk from the center.

  • What I drink/eat?
Let's just say I don't want to see any waffels in the nearest future :D Basically eat and drink what dutch people are having - at least what other people think they have.
  • Other tips?
Talk to strangers, help them to have a perfect picture if they are having doubt with the selfie game.
Free walking tours - absolutely recommending this one - I did mine with Lennart - here is some info about the tour. In this way you get to hear some city stories from insiders - that's how I know how many bicycles are in the canals of Amsterdam or how dutch people are thinking about some important things.

Travel more, open your heart 'til you find that city, country which you can call your home.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥