Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hello amazing souls,

hope you are all very well.
Halloween is just around the corner, I mean there is only 4 days left.... 4!
What will you do this spooky day?
I had a really quick poll about your plans on my Twitter, and you vote for dress up parties and Netflix!
C'mon get some candy, and have some fun.
You know already what should you be for Halloween?
Which is your favourite Halloween candy?

If you have no idea what to wear on that special day, I've collected you some amazing pieces from SammyDress.
Not all are costumes, but maybe they will give you some inspiration for a nice night out.
As a mermaid lover I couldn't resist to pick the mermaid costume, I mean look how pretty it is, also the purple dress looks so elegant and sexy. 
The lion t-shirt is just amazingly wild and those jumpers are perfect for any colder days.

As usual I put all the links above.
Enjoy the rest of October and Happy Halloween my dears!


Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Thursday, October 20, 2016

16 things I miss about living in London

Hi my lovelies,

as you can see the title this post will be a little bit personal.
Moving to London was one of the best choices I made, leaving it was so hard, but for my own growth and health I needed to make that decision.

There are days when I really miss being there, so I thought I'll share a couple of things that I miss the most,  obviously not in the most serious ways.

1. Mentality - Be whoever you want to be, no one cares - everyone is freaking out, when they have to talk to somebody on the tube, you remember those tube chat buttons?
2. Complain culture - Really, what I learned first, that you need to have an opinion, and you need to make your voice heard. :D

3. Being careless about the red traffic lights - like one of the first people I saw crossing the streets by red traffic lights were police officers :DDD - no need to comment here.
4. Buses - I mean they look so great, but not the favourite public transport, not to mention how many different kind of people were on the buses.
5. Maps in the city - That's actually crap in the country, where I live right now. I loved that you saw maps almost at every stops/stations.
6. Oyster card - I can't believe, but I almost miss TFL, I mean I complained about it all the time, but c'mon I miss those cards, yes cards, I had like three. :DD
7. Trees and sunsets - Yeah, it's basically the same here, but not at all, I just miss them. Magnolias...

8. Houses - Everything looks the freaking same. Could you miss that? Possible not, but those houses are still on my mind.
9. Donuts - I ate so many there, ooooh and Halloween candy. :( Poor me, someone please send me a nice care pack.
10. Prices - Literally I'm freaking out here, I mean how could be everyhing cheaper on the island?
11. Primark - I don't need to write anything here. Send me clothes as well.
12. Events - Obviously everything was so amazing there, store events, fashion events, public events, blogger events. EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD. Take me back.
13. Volunteering - Miss the Team London team. :(
14. Free - Museums and free entries for cultural places, miss you Van Gogh.

15. Books - for free, there is no complain about that.
16. Free cash withdrawals - Yes, that was great, anytime from any ATM.

London, I truly miss your beautiful soul, but also I'm glad to get out from your madness.
You're one of the craziest. ;)
Hope to see you again in the future.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Black clothes for Autumn

Hi beauties,

hope you are having a beautiful Autumn so far.
I'm so in love with the colourful trees and leaves on the ground, they make me so happy.
If you following my blog for a long time, you know how much I love black clothes.
Some days I can't wear any colours because I feel so insecure in them, but when I put black pants and a nice black top with black leather jacket I feel much more confident.
I will show you some beautiful black pieces from StyleWe for these nice Autumn days.
As usual you can check out their Twitter and Instagram for more inspiration.

Personally, I just love midi dresses and culottes for this weather  - okay definitely for the sunnier ones and not for the rainy ones, but you know already what I mean.
You can also check out this link to find jumpsuits for the colder days.They are perfect, because even if they have open backs you can just wear a white shirt, sweater under them to make them warmer.
And now see my choices below. ;)
Which is your favourite piece? The fluffy sweater, the midi dress or the blazer?

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥