Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sammydress review

Hi beautiful souls,

hope you are all fine even if the world seems scary these days.
Try to love your loved ones more and try to enjoy the life more because it's so short.
Put on some good music and dance the pain away - at least that's what I will do for a couple of days at a festival.
And one other reason to be happy - online shopping hauls, so in this post let me show you the goodies from Sammydress. Check out their Facebook sites here, or here and their Instagram for some inspiration.

Overall I'm very satisfied with every item, the shipping was so fast I was literally not even thought in my life that I'll get everything in 4 days with DHL. So 10/10.
The customer service was amazing, one of the member contacted me if I received everything nicely, which I did so everyone was happy.
I chose 3 items. If you click on the pictures you see the outfit details better, I linked the items, wrote the sale price and the size I wore. 

My ultimate new obsession is this lace blouse. I was a little afraid how it will look on me, but I'm actually in love with this shirt. I got so many compliments when I wore it in the first time and I realised that I'm playing with the ruffles all the time. Perfect for dance nights.
The quality is really great and love the small details like the button in the back.

Blouse Size: S, $9.20 was $15.80

 My second choice was these pants, simple and comfortable, fits perfectly. I thought I would pair it with high heels and a blazer to make it a little special. Usually I wear it with flat shoes. 
Feels good, looks good perfect for traveling or lazy Sundays.

Pants Size: S, $6.38 was $12.12

The last item is this black romper. On the back there is a zip til the rope belt. The front is like a skort and there is a V- cut part by the breast and has a choker neck part. It looks like a little bit odd by the waist so I need to check like every 5 minutes if it fits right, but actually the whole outfit is lovely. 
I felt so energetic and was very happy how this haul ended.

Romper Size: M, $11.18 was $19.30

What do you think about my Sammydress haul?
If you would like something like these, check out the two piece dresses, waistcoats or bikinis, there are always items which are quiet cheap, so it's not too hard to fall in love with something.
Have you ever bought something from this online store? Would love the hear your thoughts about your experiences.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Friday, July 1, 2016

Jumpsuits life

Hi my lovelies,

happy July all the happy and not so happy souls, hope this month will bring you many joy and great opportunities.
I'm in the job searching mood again, so I thought I would share some work inspired looks with you.
For not so obvious reasons I'm in love with the look of jumpsuits and rompers even if they are literally not practical in the summer heat, but you know fashion has it's prize :D
My founds are find on the site of StyleWe.
Small information about the site: it's an online shopping platform which features independent designers. So if you are looking for something unique and also high quality products, that's your place.
You can check the designers products separetely, like me. When I saw the blue shirt and white skirt outfit I knew I had to check the designer's work.

1.: Midi skirt
2.: Cardigan
3.: Cropped top

1.: Lace jumpsuit
2.: Gray jumpsuit
3.: Sleeveless jumpsuit
4.: Floral jumpsuit
5.: White stripes jumpsuit

What do you like to wear in the office when the Summer heat hits you?
Do you like jumpsuits?

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mermaid dream

Hi my lovelies,

Summer is definitely here, and after the UEFA has ended for my country I couldn't help but daydream about wonderful things, so here you go with a mermaid inspired wishlist.
Because who doesn't love mermaids?

1.: Mermaid do it better T-Shirt (ASOS)
2.: Ankle socks (ASOS)
3.: Playsuit (Missguided)
4.: Jeans (ASOS)
5.: Bomber jacket (Boohoo)
6.: Shell bag (Skinnydip London)
7.: High waisted shorts (Missguided)

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Friday, April 29, 2016


Hi my lovelies,

these sunny and snowy days are basically playing with my nerves. Moving is also not the nicest thing (landlord situation - London is the perfect place for "interesting" people) right now, new job, but also new opportunities.
So instead of drinking or smoking I choose a perfect way to relax.
Did you ever hear about VitaStik?

Well maybe you could check them out here.
But firstly VitaStik is a nicotine-free Vitamin Vaporizer that comes in 5 different, but all naturally obtained, flavours. Each VitaStik provides you with up to 500 drags and afterwards can simply be disposed of.
Secondly - Relax smells amazing - blueberry and black currant, I love it.
I think the design is really pretty and also it's a 100% organic and natural vaporizer.
As you see on the pictures below I definitely thought I'm cool. Haha :)

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Hi my beauties!

I'll move shortly so decided to sell some products on my blog.
I'm based in London - we can meet and I can give you the item/s, if you are living somewhere else please be aware that the postage is on you.
If you like anything just write a comment :)
Can do bundles. No swaps. Not responsible after post service. 
Happy shopping! 

1. 5/38 grey boots, worn once, from Primark £10.00
2. 5/38 B&W shoes, worn once (unfortunately it's big for me)from Boohoo £10.00
3. 4/37 High heels with spikes, never worn, from Missguided £12.00
4. 4/37 Black boots, worn a couple times, from New Yorker £8.00

1. The Great Gatsby £4.00
2. Shutter Island £4.00
3. At First Sight £4.00
All for £7.00

1. Big scarf, snake prints, worn a couple times £1.50
2. Scarf, bow prints £1.50

1. LiLash Eyelash serum, never used, £39.99
2. St. Moriz, medium tanning mousse, never used £2.50
3. Elegant touch , never used  £4.50
4. Elegant touch, never used  £5.50

1. Hawaii cap, worn a couple of times, from Primark £1.00
2. Black bag with rhinestones, size almost A/4, from Primark £7.00
3. Frisbee, never used from Jack Wills £6.00

1. UK 10 pink jacket, never worn, from Primark £8.00
2. UK 10 blue & green jacket, worn a couple of times, from Primark £6.00
3. UK 6  Neon pink peplum shirt, worn a couple of times, from Primark £9.00

1. UK 8 denim shirt with Mickey prints, worn a couple of times, Disney/Primark £5.00
2. UK 6 red owl printed dress (shoulders cut out), worn once, from Primark £5.00
3. UK 10 pink dress, worn a couple of times, from Primark £4.00
4. XS yellow/green parka folded in it's pocket, worn once, from Primark £7.99
5. XS yellow/green parka folded in it's pocket, worn once, from Primark £7.99
6. UK 6  neon yellow shirt/dress, worn a couple of times, from Primark £7.00

Magnitone orange pastel, never used, in the original box £54.99

Saturday, April 2, 2016

BLFW favourites

Hi everyone,

if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you know already that I love to attend blogger events and one of my favourite is the BLFW.
That beautiful March day was filled with incredible inspiring and talented people. I met so many amazing brands and bloggers and the whole event atmosphere was so pleasent.
After receiving so many incredible sample I just wanted to show you some of my favourite ones (not all because that would be too much ;)) But here are the pictures, just click on them to see the original size.
Below the photos I linked the twitter accounts of the brands so you can find them easily.

1. 2. 3. 4.

1. & 1.  2. 3. 4.

You like blogger events? Which event did you visited last?

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Monday, March 28, 2016

Colour your world

Hi beauties,

the title, colour your world will lead us to this post: colour your hair.
I guess I was like 10 years old when I had red clips in my hair obviously they were only temporary but after a couple of years I tried permanent colours - red and purple were always my favourite.
After my hair was really exhausted for all the colouring processes I stopped to colour it, but last year I thought I need a change - so I became a redhead again.
And here we are!
Cruelty free cosmetics are my faves - it's good to know that they are not testing animals, that's why I was happy to discover Naturigin at an event in London.

I dyed my hair with the 7.55 which is the deep red.
The package is nice, with a big leaf on the side. Inside the package you find everything you need.
The colour turns out as purple as you see but will be red on your hair.
When you rinse it  the water will turn out pastel red and not dark red.  
I applied the colour already one month ago - see the picture - but I'm pretty impressed about how the colour is on my hair. It's already lighter than it was but still great.

I absolutely loved the smell of the hair colour which probably seems weird, but I love the smell of the dyed hair (anyone else out there who is weirdo like me????)
One package was absolutely enough for my mid-long hair so I'm happy to recommend this brand for you!
Did you ever try Naturigin?
Please share your thoughts, recommendations about cruelty free products in the comment session.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥