Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dear Autumn

you were full of surprises. I can't thank you enough for the opportunities you gave me.
I had the chance to move into a new city, to start a new job and to find new friends.
I had nights where I fell asleep crying, but in the next day you put kindness in my life so I tried again and again to get back on my feet.

I fell in love with the colours of you. All the leaves were like they all wanted to tell everyone how the sun kissed them. You showed me beautiful sunsets and the Danube with it's green colour showed me how to stop for a minute. I attended some really interesting cultural events and also some fashion related ones.
I got tickets for the Placebo gig, bought a succulent to make my room a better place.

I relaunched my magazine to give aspiring writers a new platform to write and I'm thinking about getting back to school too. I haven't feel desire to learn in school since years - makes me happy to feel that way.
I need to use my German in my job - even if just a little bit, but it's really great to hear and practice the language. And Budapest is full of different people from all around the world so I can still use my English - so hopefully I won't forget my skills.
I kinda let people love me in this season, which is a very new way to live my life, but hopefully that was the right call to make.
So Autumn, thank you for your existence! I enjoyed your company very much.
See ya next year.

Oh, and dear Winter, I'm already excited for your ups and downs.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Monday, November 28, 2016

Drink it up!

 Hi my darlings,

hope you are all doing well.
It's been a long time since I wrote anything about food or drinks. 
So here we are.
When you have any relatives who are under 3 years old, you know, that you are careful what they eat and drink.
You taste everything first, and sometimes, you like it as much as they do, and sometimes more. :)
And sometimes, well you are the one who needs a glass of juicy water.

Let me introduce you the Nurture Fruity Water.
Just still water blended with delicious fruit juice and goodness. 
Enriched with 7 different vitamins, calcium, zinc and Wellmune Beta Glucans, Nurture Fruity Water supports children’s immunity, growing bones and teeth.  

It helps to live an adventurous life for the little ones, and it's so delicious, that everyone will love it.
There is two flavours: tropical flavour of Orange & Pineapple and the refreshing taste of Cherry & Strawberry.

 I absolutely love their site and how they have their little elephant, Firsty.
Check them out here and thell me what you think about the drinks.
Have you or your relatives tried Nurture before?

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The truth about Social Media

Happy November beautiful people!

In this post I'll "talk" to you honestly about social media.
If you have a blog, Instagram, Twitter or anything like these you'll recognise yourself in some points.

So let's start this.
Our constant desire to share information, ideas, career interests, photos are basically the soul of social media. If we wouldn't want to share and engage with people in different virtual communities and networks, well all Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts would be not necessary.
But we want to tweet, share a photo, tell to our "friends" what's in our mind.

We learned so many times that people are hiding the ugly truth under beautiful pictures, remarkable quotes - and often they have a miserable life.
And still we are doing the same - stalking all our friends/exes/old high school friends and make our life more desperate, than it is actually and we upload pretty selfies - no one knows we cried the whole night before that, we write funny stories - which are half truth and half the product of our imagination.
So here are some social media facts.
1. Honesty  
The first thing we should all know, that all social media platforms are full of lies.
Not because we are extremly different from what we show about ourselves, but because we wanna shine like diamonds, display our best. You know those themed Instagrams and things like that - well it's all a very pretty lie about organised lives.

2. Timing
Just because we post a cake picture, doesn't mean we have a cake right now or just because it looks delicious doesn't mean it taste heavenly.

3. Editing pictures
Basically no one uploads photos without any touch up. We are just not so satisfied with ourselves and btw we and everything else look much more pretty with those filters.

4. Negativity
It's all around you, sometimes on Twitter, other times on Facebook - there is always someone who throws shades at someone sometimes with reasons - other times just because they think it's "fun" to do.
Just don't do that - positive thoughts will increase positivity on your sites, which makes you a little bit happier in your offline life.

5. Staying in touch
Writing Happy Birthday messages to our friends - to make sure everyone thinks you are still in touch. The truth is, they are not writing anything on your Facebook wall when there is your big day.

6. Depression
Comparing yourself with others is never a great idea - and that's all we do, stalking, checking, who, what, when did and in the end we are just sitting next to our laptop and wondering what we did wrong.

7. Social media is a part of our life
Even if we want to deny it, we can't. We spend so much time on it, and we are basically "living" there. We just need some off days like from everything else in our life - unplug yourself for a day - or just for a couple of hours.

this article is over, so get outside for a walk - even if it's so cold, your body will be thankful.
Invite a friend or friends just for a talk without any social media accounts, you will get surprised how interesting you are all after all.

So what are your thoughts about social media? How you try to use it smart?

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥