Monday, May 25, 2015

1, 2, 3

Hi my beautiful followers!

We can almost officially say it is Summer time!
Summer means in London many things, like even if the sun is shining you probably need an umbrella later.
But it doesn't matter which season we have, some things are always important for a woman. Like clothes, shoes and jewellery.
You may already know how much I love to get letters and especially with this title: Dear Blogger. 
It is a pleasure to connect with other bloggers and brands. Look at my new earrings, they are simple, cute and classy.
If you check the Body Jewellery Shop's site I'm sure you will find something for your style.
The dice is for nice and fun outfits and the glitter pink one is perfect for a date or some event nights. The Body Jewellery Shop has many body jewellery, piercing tools, fashion accessories and coloured contact lenses. After searching on the site I realised I would be happy if I had an auricle piercing :D Check out their site maybe you will love their ear piercings too.

I hope you find this post as likeable as much as I enjoyed to write it.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Thank you for the etailPR and the Body Jewellery Shop for making this post possible.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Hey my lovelies,

hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend :)

It is always a pleasure to write about blogger events. I love to be a part of this amazing blogger family. End of March I had the opportunity to visit the BLFW.
And I can say it was one of my favorite event since I'm in London.

Marshmallows, candies and cupcakes, they all made a sweet start.
It was a gifting lounge and the other side a beauty bar and also fashion shows. Oh, and don't forget about the cat, who made a catwalk too, when you were there you know what I mean.
The gifting lounge was really nice, many informations about the brands, and great freebies, and least but not last I meet so many nice people.
Thank you for the freebies Lip Glam, Benefit Cosmetics, First Fruit, Exuviance (I love my cleansing gel so much), Snoodydo, Eva Cammarata, Umberto Giannini.
See you in September ;)

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥ 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dark lips, dark souls

Happy March little bunnies!

Looks like spring is on the way and we will "survive" this winter :))
This month will be full of opportunities I can't wait to share new posts with you.
In the last months I bought some new lipsticks, new colours, new favourites.
Yesterday I planned to buy a new MUA lipstick in some dark colour, but it was out of stock (again), so instead of that I bought one in Poundland. The prize is the same so 1£.
The colour is amazing, I absolutely love it, not the darkest, but dark enough. 
The shade is 18, Black cherry! Lovely name :) 
It doesn't smell like cherry as other expensive lipsticks. The packaging is very simple, but the important thing is what is inside. The lipstick is not so glossy, but it last for a couple of hours, so you can give a shot to it too :)
Here is the link to the product.
Have you tried Make Up Gallery's lipsticks already? 
Which is your favourite shade?  

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥ 
Ps.: I've started to use Instagram. I would be extremly happy if you would follow me there. I follow back :) so let's meet on Instagram too! :)


Monday, February 9, 2015

London is so pure

Hey beauties,

I'm so happy, that nowadays I can bring you exciting posts. The last one was about the MTV Brand New, and this one is about Pure London.
Pure London is the UK's favourite fashion buying event at London Olympia this time from 8th to 10th February. Tomorrow is the last day so if you don't want to wait until August take a look at it and fall in love with fashion.
Yesterday I visited Pure London, and it was such a great feeling to explore new brands and see my favourites. 
If you follow me a long time you know I always make collages, so in this post you can see my favorite designs and clothes. One of my favourite print were presented by Lashes of London. You can see the cactus and unicorn prints on the picture. The most british brand was Darling with red telephone boxes, what was absolutely stunning and original. Little Mistress had beautiful evening dresses, many colour and many choices. Lola May and Skeena S had beautiful design what I wanted to show you of course. Brise had an amazing lbd, and I absolutely fell in love with their dresses. And the cutest label was Book of deer, with lovely prints and Aurora Borealis ;) 
Can I ask for more?
Probably YES, for the last day of Pure London :)

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January - MTV Brand New

Hey lovelies,

tomorrow is February! Time is flying like always. 
So before we let January go, let us see how it was.
I'm absolulety thankful for every little nice moment in this month. 
How was your first month of 2015?
I can say this year has brought many changes, not just in my hair (I colored it again :D) but in my life too. 
Living in London is hard, but to see the city as a tourist is always a good idea, that's why my sister and me had a week when we were just tourists, and I can say it was great :)))
Luckily we had the opportunity to attend the MTV Brand New, and not just one, but two nights. 
This two nights were incredible. First night I had the chance to see live Sinead Harnett, James Bay and Charli XCX. The second night Saint Raymond, Years & Years and Clean Bandit.
Charli XCX made a perfect show, this girl is crazy and she knows how to make a party. Years & Years were amazing and James Bay's songs went straight into the heart. MTV Brand New I just loved you so much. And now see the pictures.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hey my beauties,

it's been a while since I wrote here something, I had so many blog post ideas, but somehow they never ended on the blog.
This is my first post in the new year, so I made a little collage about some of my outfits the last year. 
Hope you will enjoy!
I wish you a very beautiful year and much love.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Friday, October 31, 2014

LFW memories III.


And at last but not least to celebrate the launch of the Apu Jan collection, I found myself (and my sister) at a lovely event. It was a great night (yeah I know, I had great nights :D) and I really loved the food there. We had some nice conversation partners, and my favorite sentence: "to hear the fashion". If you ask what does it means? Just watch the video here.
And like always I will show you some pictures.
Hope you enjoyed my little reports.

Take care!
With love from Fashion Lights ♥

Apu Jan